Installing Wi-Fi Smart Switches

Smart Switches vs. Smart Bulbs

In my ongoing quest to turn my house into a smart home, I decided to replace many of the important light switches with Leviton Wi-Fi Smart Switches or Dimmers. I chose to use Wi-Fi switches/dimmers instead of smart bulbs for a few reasons:

  • Bulbs require forfeiture of the usage of any existing light switch functionality
  • Light switches allow you to control other motors/appliances, like ceiling fans (which our house has)
  • Smart bulbs require an additional hub (one per 9 bulbs for Philips Hue), using up precious real estate
  • I wanted to replace the existing switches with Decora style switches anyways
  • Fewer always-on devices constantly drawing power
  • Smart switches require a neutral (white wire), since they need to draw power, which is available most if not all of our light switch boxes
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